In 2003, journalist KRISTA TIPPETT sparked a national conversation about faith, spirituality and life’s big questions with her one-of-a-kind public radio program and hit podcast “On Being,” which airs on hundreds of NPR stations around the U.S. and was downloaded more than 50 million times last year alone. The show has won a Peabody Award, and Krista herself was presented with a National Humanities Medal by President Obama.

Hers has been one of my core life classrooms as I’ve tackled one challenge after another as a public Muslim voice in the shadow of 9/11. Imagine my shock and delight when I received a call from an On Being team member inviting me to be an On Being Fellow, which has enabled me to launch this podcast as a direct result. Wow, right??

The fellowship gave me the jumpstart I needed to meet my moment by getting this podcast off the ground, and here we are… with Krista as my first guest!

Drawing from her decades-long career in deep conversation with wise scholars and seekers alike, Krista shares what she’s learned about the power of a good question, the critical need ​for “calmers of fear,” and how we can all strengthen our hope muscle. Plus, she shares what she thinks is the most radical thing you can do right now to meet this moment.

Links to Krista’s work: