For 25 years, MARIA HINOJOSA has helped tell America’s untold stories and brought to light unsung heroes in America and abroad. She was the first Latina ever hired by CNN and NPR in the 1980s, and she’s been blazing a trail of authentic humanizing storytelling about the most vulnerable communities in our country throughout her career.

Maria launched The Futuro Media Group in 2010 with the mission to produce multi-platform, community-based journalism that gives voice to the voiceless by telling stories that are overlooked or under reported by traditional media. She has been covering the issues of identity, immigration, gangs, and family separations at the border for the past decade.

As the anchor and executive producer of the long-running weekly NPR show Latino USA, and as anchor of the Emmy Award-winning talk show Maria Hinojosa: One-on-One from WGBH/La Plaza, she has informed millions of Americans about the fastest growing group in our country.

In this conversation, Maria shares her journey to journalism and her identity, how she evolved from reporter/storyteller to game-changing media company CEO, the current media landscape especially when it comes to the Latinx community and the current nightmare of family separations, plus what new possibilities she sees coming out of this crisis moment in our history.