About the Podcast

If you’re like me, you’ve been struggling with how to face the facts about this astonishing political age in America… and you’re seeking tools to cope and find meaning and ways to make a difference.

I’m also a seeker and my faith and worldview have been shaped by the voices of many, many different people who I call on to see how they have been able to meet a challenging moment in their own life. I have seen incredible courage in faith leaders, social justice activists, artists and politicos alike—who feel overcome in the challenge but dig deep and find a way to do something meaningful either in, or as a result of, that moment.

I know firsthand and from seeing it all around me that something that looks like a breakdown can serve as the most powerful kind of breakthrough to new possibilities.

Meeting the Moment explores our capacity to dig deep and find opportunities in life’s big challenges.

Every other week, I talk to artists and activists, spiritual leaders and politicos about how they find opportunities within challenges they face — and how we can apply what they learned to meet the moments of our own lives and the non-stop crisis moment we’re all living through today.

By hearing these stories straight from the people who lived through them, I hope that YOU will make a choice to discover an opportunity in the many crises facing us today and owning their power in the most trying times — by adopting a crisortunity mindset, seeking the opportunity for good in the crisis.


About Edina

For more than 15 years, I have been on the frontlines of crisis response serving as a leading voice from the American Muslim community.

Time and again, I found myself asking, “How do we keep building while we’re putting out fires all the time?” And over and over again, I have seen ingenuity and heart at work where people are able to discover opportunities for good, for growth and even for progress because of a major challenge they face. Each time I see it, it’s like a defibrillator shaking my heart alive, energizing me to keep moving forward.

Today, I am a storyteller, strategist and trainer who works in multi-faith spaces to empower people to share their stories and expand their zones of impact. And I am an On Being Fellow, a program of the public radio program and public life project led by Krista Tippett — that was one of the inspirations for this podcast, long before there was a fellowship. (No wonder she’s my first guest!)

I like breaking through barriers and ceilings, and am proud to have been named one of Los Angeles’ 10 most inspiring women game changers and one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world.

If you’re not Muslim and I look familiar, that may be because you saw me on TV, far too often in the aftermath of tragic news, debating religion, terrorism, human rights, media portrayals and Islamophobia on CNN, Fox News, NPR and BuzzFeed on behalf of the Muslim Public Affairs Council for more than a decade.

I am also a spiritual seeker, a mama and wife, an HGTV lover, and a podcast addict who finds my grounding in kundalini yoga, hiking and my tribe of girlfriends.

How did Meeting the Moment start?

I’ve been on the frontlines of public advocacy for American Muslims for 15 years, which meant that week after week, I found myself responding to a crisis. They would happen at any time, instantly destroying whatever I was doing and consuming my life for days and sometimes weeks on end.

In these moments where I felt deeply alone in facing fights, I’ve was blessed to have been able to call on friends and colleagues who are spiritual leaders, artists and activists to ask them how they’ve been able to meet challenging moments in their personal and professional lives.

Impressive, changemaking leaders also face fear, doubt and uncertainty in their toughest times. So do everyday people striving to make a difference when a reality is thrust on them they do not want — whether it’s a political firestorm, media stereotypes, divorce or addiction.

With our current political landscape, I feel strongly that people need to hear these stories now more than ever. We all need fuel to meet the moment in our own lives.